Sunday February 11, 2007
Right Elevator Completed!
(2.0 Hours Left Elevator, 2.0 Hours Right Elevator)
4.0 Hours Total

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It's been nearly two weeks since I last updated, I know. The day after I posted the last update I started trying to form the leading edge of the right elevator and couldn't seem to get it right. I avoided going out into the shop for a while, since I was frustrated, and then this last week I was busy doing a video shoot.

Today, my dad came over and helped me think through the problems I was having with rolling the leading edge and we got it finished! We were able to get a nice smooth roll on most of the edge.

The edge of the top skin wasn't laying perfectly flush against the bottom skin all the way across, so I drilled some new holes and added new rivets in between the ones that were already there. The edges are perfect now.

Update: I went out to the shop later this evening and prepped and primed all of the left elevator stiffeners. Notice my method for keeping the stiffeners identified through the priming process.

And the black panther stalks her prey...

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