Date *Time Summary
05/31/10 2.8 Hours Continued Flap Subsystem...
05/30/10 2.0 Hours More Electric Flap System
05/29/10 5.7 Hours More Forward Fuselage Covers, Started Electric Flap System
05/28/10 1.9 Hours Drilled F-782C Center Cabin Cover, Fab'd F-782D Angles, Drilled F-7114-R Gusset
05/26/10 0.5 Hours Fuel Valve Plate & Cover
05/23/10 1.9 Hours Seat Hinge Pins, Forward Tunnel Cover
05/22/10 5.0 Hours More Seat Fabrication
05/16/10 5.6 Hours Seat Floors and Backs
05/09/10 5.3 Hours Aft Seat Pans, Forward Tunnel Cover
05/08/10 2.6 Hours Baggage Tunnel Cover, Baggage Side Skins, Seat Pans
05/06/10 2.5 Hours Finishing Baggage Bulkhead Cover
05/05/10 3.0 Hours Baggage Bulkhead Covers
05/04/10 1.9 Hours Seatbelt Anchors, Baggage Bulkhead
05/03/10 2.8 Hours Baggage Skins, Seatbelt Anchors
05/02/10 7.4 Hours Deburred, Dimpled Top Fuse Skins, Started on Baggage Skins
05/01/10 1.6 Hours Various Fuselage Tasks
* Notes approximate time spent working on the plane itself. I exclude time spent shopping, building tables and jigs, or cleaning up the shop. Accuracy of times is not guaranteed.

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