Date *Time Summary
12/26/22 3.6 Hours Various Left Wing Tasks
12/24/22   Built New Wing Cradle
12/21/22 2.7 Hours Aft Fuselage Bulkhead Repair
12/20/22 3.1 Hours Aft Fuselage Bulkhead Repair
12/16/22 2.0 Hours Wing Tip Forming, Seat Back Brace Re-do
12/13/22 0.5 Hours Worked on Wing Tip Deformation
12/12/22 1.0 Hours Finishing Rudder Tip, Reforming Wing Tip
12/05/22 3.0 Hours Damaged and Removed F-712 aft bulkhead, Riveted sub panel
12/04/22 1.5 Hours Empennage Fairing, Rudder Bottom Tip
* Notes approximate time spent working on the plane itself. I exclude time spent shopping, building tables and jigs, or cleaning up the shop. Accuracy of times is not guaranteed.

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