Hi, I'm David Mack. In 2006, I decided to build my own Van's Aircraft RV-7 200+ mph two seat homebuilt aluminum airplane and this is a log of the experience.

Saturday April 20, 2024
Firewall Electrical Misc, Headset Jacks
(Electrical, Firewall Forward)

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I added some heat shrink to the copper bars and reinstalled them.

The ANL fuse holders came with covers that I installed.

Also for fun, I used my cordless drill battery to test the battery solenoid and it clicks away perfectly.

Then I got out the custom cabin vent brackets I had made a few years ago. At the time, I had left extra space on the bottom of them for headset jacks and I got to work making holes for those.

The black one is a LEMO jack (a Bose 6-pin connector that supplies audio, mic, and power in one connector) and the two others are standard aviation mic and headset jacks. I will wire them all together so each side can use either one.

It's a little bit of a tight fit, but it works. I used the fiber washers to give ground isolation between the jacks and the brackets.

And here's the pilot's side bracket in place in the cockpit.

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