Hi, I'm David Mack. In 2006, I decided to build my own Van's Aircraft RV-7 200+ mph two seat homebuilt aluminum airplane and this is a log of the experience.

Thursday June 20, 2024
Air Filter Bracket, Baffles (Firewall Forward)
4.0 Hours

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I removed the propeller today. Now that the cowl is fitted, there's no need for it and I just risk damaging it while it's out. It will also be easier to install the lower cowl to test baffle fit.

I sanded the airbox, both inside and outside, where I had laid up the extra fiberglass yesterday.

I cut out the opening in the left inlet floor for the air intake.

Making brackets for the air filter bracket...

Brackets drilled to the airbox. I had to order a new one for the aft side, because I trimmed it too much before I realized that the flanges sit inside the airbox rather than outside.

I reinstalled the lower cowl and started marking cowl inlets and inlet floors for trimming.

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