Pictures Of Me Working on the Project

The FAA wants to see evidence that the plane was amateur built. Well, here's a series of pictures of me working on the plane.

04/09/2006 - Working on the HS

03/11/2007 - Rolling elevator leading edge with my dad

08/08/2008 - After riveting a leading edge section

11/03/2009 - Contemplating the bottom fuselage skin riveting we had just done

05/24/2010 - Sitting in the fuselage for the first time

09/11/2021 - Dimpling holes on the rudder top for the faring

01/02/2022 - Working on the canopy latch mechanism

03/12/2022 - Inside the canopy bubble for the first time

06/15/2022 - Canopy front molding.

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