Sunday October 11, 2009
Center Fuse Riveting & Skin Prep (Center Fuselage)
4.6 Hours

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I joined up the F-705 bulkhead with the seat ribs and riveted the four seat ribs that don't connect with baggage area ribs. Then, I riveted the baggage ribs in one at a time. All of the rivets were squeezable, but I had to bend the seat rib flanges out of the way pretty far.

Then, I deblued, deburred, and dimpled the center section bottom skin.

I bolted the control column mounts back to the aft F-704 bulkhead and then bolted the two halves of F-704 together for what I hope is the last time.

Here's the center section upside down and cleco'd to the skin for riveting.

That's pretty much all I can do with the center fuselage section until I can get some riveting help. Emily has been a bit under the weather lately, but she's gonna help me as soon as she can.

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