Tuesday April 13, 2021
Cabin Frame Rollbar Countersinking (Cabin Frame)
1.3 Hours

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I started working on countersinking the holes in the roll bar channels.

I test fit one of these holes on the aft channels with a CS4-4 pop rivet and realized that they don't fit very well. After some digging--turns out that they use a 120 degree countersink instead of the standard 100 degree. So I ordered one, but I'll have to wait to finish countersinking the aft channels.

In the meantime, I can do the forward channels, which use standard rivets.

I made an "oops" here and countersunk a hole way too deep. You'll see why in the next picture...

The plastic tip piece of my countersink cage fell off and I didn't notice...the side effect was the much deeper (and consequently larger) hole. I ordered a couple of AN426AD5 and AN426AD6 rivets to try in that hole instead.

I also countersunk the channel to splice plate holes in the front channels.

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