Friday April 30, 2021
Forward Deck Deburring, Priming, Painting (Forward Deck)
2.0 Hours

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The paint on the forward deck parts came out okay...there are some impurities here and there and a little unevenness in places. It's okay, though, because these parts will be hidden underneath the canopy most of the time. I probably need to do most of my painting with the garage door closed so dust and other stuff can't get blown in by the wind.

I riveted the seal support angles to the outboard subpanels.

I riveted the seal support angle and the three ribs to the center subpanel. I am not planning to install the canopy jettison capability, so I am not installing the F-697.

Then I deburred and dimpled the F-745 ribs.

Finally, I prepped, primed, and partially painted the F-745 ribs. I may have to trim these when I install my avionics.

I also drilled holes for the nutplates, prepped, primed, and painted the F-721C and F-721D instrument panel attach angles. Once these are dry, I can install the nutplates and rivet them to the F-721A side decks.

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