Monday September 27, 2021
Bolted Rudder Pedals, Installed Brake Lines, Aft Inspection Plate Covers (Fuselage)
3.0 Hours

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I wanted to install the lines from the brake fluid reservoir to the brake pedals, so first I started by getting the rudder pedal assemblies bolted in place. This required installing the rudder pedal brace. So first, I primed it.

Then, I riveted it in place.

Finally, I bolted the rudder pedal assembly to the sides and the brace at the furthest forward setting (I have long legs). I torqued the nuts.

I drilled these holes in the brace and installed snap bushings.

Then I installed these brass fittings into the cylinders with permatex #2 and installed the plastic tubing into the fittings as specified in the plans.

Finally, I installed the plastic "T" at the reservoir interface and connected the tubing to the "T" per the plans. I then zip tied the tubing to the pedal assembly steel tubing. I don't have the hoses that connect the cylinders to the firewall yet...I assume they come in the finish kit with the landing gear and brake assemblies.

I noticed these inspection covers at the very aft end of the fuselage had never been installed, so I got to work on that.

I drilled them to final size and then dimpled the holes for #6 screws in the covers. I also finished the edges on these things with quick passes on the polishing wheel.

I dimpled the screw holes and countersunk the rivet holes for NAS1097 small-head 3-3 rivets. Then I installed the nutplates.

The top part of these inspection plates get connected to the longeron along with the F-794A empennage gap cover included in the finish kit.

I ordered some stuff from Van's and SteinAir over the weekend to give me more things to do while I wait for the finish kit. This includes the high pressure fuel boost pump (required for fuel injection engine) that goes on the cockpit floor, wingtip/tail lights (I went with the AeroLEDs), an Archer VOR antenna for one of the wingtips, a dynon pitot tube mounting kit (to replace the one from SafeAir1 that broke along the weld line), mounting kit for the ELT, a flap position sensor, some proseal for mounting the NACA air inlets, and the firewall battery mount install kit (I'll delete this from the firewall forward kit when I order that). Should keep me busy...

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