Sunday October 17, 2021
Boost Pump Kit (Center Fuselage)
2.5 Hours

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Today, I started working on the boost pump installation. The first step is to trim F-782C tunnel cover, so I measured and did that.

Then I cut out the specified area in the tunnel cover (to make space for tubing later).

I also trimmed the F-983C fuel valve cover as specified.

Here they are cleco'd back in place.

Then with the F-7115A bottom cover (on which the fuel filter and pump will sit) in place.

And finally with the F7115B/C cover cleco'd in place and various holes match drilled.

Then I drilled the additional holes through the angle into the various parts.

Then, disassembled, deburred, installed nutplates, and dimpled.

And on the F-7115A bottom cover.

Next will be to prime/paint these parts and then work on plumbing the filter and pump.

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