Date *Time Summary
05/31/20 4.0 Hours Pitot Mast, Right Wing Platenuts
05/30/20 3.0 Hours Removed L Wing, Installed Nutplates
05/25/20 1.0 Hours Finished Routing Fuel Lines
05/24/20 1.5 Hours Rigged Right Aileron
05/23/20 6.5 Hours Drilled/Fit Wing Root Fairings, Rigged L Aileron
05/19/20 1.8 Hours Fuel Selector, Fuel Lines
05/18/20 1.8 Hours Fuel Tank Vent Lines
05/17/20 6.5 Hours Flap Pushrods, Fuel Lines
05/16/20 3.8 Hours Flap Pushrods
05/15/20 3.0 Hours Attached R flap
05/14/20 6.5 Hours Fuel Tank Brackets, Center Control Column/Sticks, Mounted Ailerons, Installed Left Flap
05/13/20 6.0 Hours Drilled the Rear Spars to the Fuselage!
05/12/20 6.5 Hours Began Wing Mating
* Notes approximate time spent working on the plane itself. I exclude time spent shopping, building tables and jigs, or cleaning up the shop. Accuracy of times is not guaranteed. I stopped tracking times in 2024.

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